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What is Website Domain ?

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Before we talk about website domain in detail, it is important to know, what we mean by a domain. A domain is nothing but the words used to identify a website. It comprises of a group of computers, which can be accessed and administered by same set of rules. Each website has a different domain.


In layman terms, website domain is nothing but, the name of our website or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Website domain is sometimes also known as the Host name. Talking about website domain, we can either buy a new website domain or use an already existing one.


The different types of website domains, are as follows:


Types of website domain


  • TLD – Top Level Domains
  • Second level domain
  • Third level domain
  • Subdomain


Domain name system


It is an Internet service which translates domain names into IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.


Top level domains


Top level domains are at the highest level, in Domain name system structure. Top level domains are of three types, which are as follows:


  • ccTLD


ccTLD is known as Country code Top level domains. These are two letter domains, established for geographical locations.


  • gTLD


gTLD is known as Generic Top level domain. Generic Top level domains are those, which can be registered by anyone, from anywhere in the world. Eg: .com and .au


  • IDN ccTLD


IDN ccTLD is known as Internationalised country code top-level domains.


Second level domains


After the top level domains, we have the second level domains. Eg: .com





Third level domain


In the domain name structure, after the first and the second level domains, we have the third level domain.




It is also known as a child domain.


Few Top level domains


  • .com
  • .org
  • .edu
  • .int
  • .bid
  • .cloud
  • .kiwi


Advantages of website domains


  1. We can have a website domain as it is economical
  2. It is something which we can call as our own. It’s our identity
  3. Talking about free website domain, it is useful in developing a website and registering a domain for free


Disadvantages of website domains


  1. Limited service
  2. Free domains offer free registration only for a year


Website domain has a lot of scope in the near future. All said and done, awareness level regarding this, among people, is still very less, which needs to improve as soon as possible. While the future of .in domain, looks bright, there are other domains like .edu, which are not much heard of. In order to create awareness on the different website domains, seminars must be conducted, where large number of people participate, in order to get benefited.


My advice to people who are planning to have a website domain of their own or even use an existing one, would be, to gain as much knowledge as possible, about the different website domains available and refer to relevant articles pertaining to website domain. It is important to know the pros and cons of different website domains, in order to understand, which website domain will be more useful and rewarding, depending upon the requirement and the competition present.









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