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Whenever we talk about referring to something online, or discuss about a topic, which we read online, we often use the word “Search engine”. Basically, all of us know what a Search engine is. Having said all this above, let’s now talk about a new terminology or a concept, which is known as SEO.


Talking about SEO, it is known as Search engine optimization. SEO is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, through organic search engine results.


Types of Search engine optimization


  1. Black hat
  2. White hat
  3. Grey hat


Black hat


This type of Search engine optimization manipulates the ranking of the site. This type of SEO is not recommended.


White hat


White hat SEO is termed as the best strategy to boost or enhance the web Search engine optimization search engine. White hat search engine optimization is an effective way to bring audience on the website, using an effective keywords approach.


Grey hat


The grey hat type of SEO, is a combination of the above two methods. i.e Black hat and White hat. It uses questionable method approach but is also risky, in the long run, just like the black hat type SEO.


There are various SEO tools which play a vital role in the overall process, some of which, are as follows:


SEO tools


  • io
  • Google analytics
  • Google Webmaster tools + Bing webmaster tool
  • Open site explorer
  • QuickSprout website analyser
  • Schema creator
  • XML Sitemaps


Now let’s talk about few Search engine optimization techniques, which will help in increasing search traffic.


Search engine optimization techniques


  1. Completing an SEO Audit on the website
  2. By learning what your users want
  3. By creating SEO optimized landing pages
  4. We need to ensure that, our website is mobile friendly
  5. Growing our traffic with infographics
  6. By posting valuable content on the website
  7. By updating our website

Completing an SEO Audit on the website


It will help in attracting and retaining customers.


By learning what your users want


In order to be efficient, we must know what our users want and then, design and update the content accordingly.


By creating SEO optimized landing pages


Landing pages play a vital role in developing the website and ensuring that, there is more customer traffic and sales.


Advantages of Search engine optimization


  1. SEO services are not so expensive


  1. Planned SEO campaign gives visibility to our website, by improving its ranking, organically


  1. It ensures that, the site is easily navigated and ensures that, the website is completely customer driven or customer focused


Disadvantages of search engine optimisation


  1. SEO campaigns require regular maintenance, failing which, the campaign will begin to deteriorate and eventually prove to be a problem


  1. It is a time consuming process and the techniques used by a specialist, can take hours, if not done properly.


It is difficult to give a conclusion on certain topics and this, fortunately or unfortunately, is definitely one of them. SEO campaign in general, is all about how we utilise it and maintain it properly, in the best possible manner.

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