What is Google Analytics ?

Just like how we have certain services such as  Google Adsense and Google AdWords which are offered by Google, we have something known as Google Analytics, which is also one of the service offered by Google.


Google Analytics was launched on 14th November 2005. It is a tool which is used to track and report website traffic. In Google analytics, we can create Remarketing list and then import to Adwords. Basically, Google Analytics is a tool which gives us a full picture of customer behaviour.


Few definitions pertaining to Google Analytics


  • Remarketing: Targeting people who have visited our website atleast once


  • Session: It can be defined as the group of interactions, that take place on your website, within a given time frame


  • Tracking ID: It is a unique code added to your site, that allows Google Analytics to track it.


A session in Google Analytics expires in any of the following 3 scenarios


  • If there is no activity for 30 minutes
  • At midnight (It depends on the time zone)
  • In case there is a change of campaign source


In Google Analytics, advertiser will be charged per Session.


It measures data, and also tracks all the website traffic to pages, tagged with Google Analytics code. Google Analytics cookies last for 6 month for session attribution while it is able to tell us for 2 years of the user is an existing one or old. In Google Analytics, we have Analytics account, properties and views.


Each Analytics account can have upto 50 properties, each property can have upto 25 views and one email address has 50 properties. In Google Analytics, we can only view the customer’s account but cannot make any changes, even if he gives us his account access.


Users can have permission on different levels which are as follows:


  1. Account level
  2. Property level
  3. View under a property


Account level


In order to view advertisers account, advertisers have to give permission to access their account by clicking the category or by sending an email.


Analytics (GA) ICS is the current internal tool to access Analytics account.


Analytics ICS helps in giving us am overview on the following:


  1. Account settings
  2. List of properties
  3. List of views
  4. List of filters
  5. List of users
  6. List of remarketing lists
  7. List of notifications
  8. List of Whitelist
  9. List of experiments
  10. ICS logos
  11. Change history
  12. All the interactions


Advantages of Google Analytics


  1. It is free
  2. It can be applied to mobiles, websites and digital environment
  3. We can login to our Google Analytics account with our Google account


Disadvantages of Google Analytics


  1. We can create only limited number of goals. Goal creation is limited.


  1. There are too many dashboards and various other things to focus upon in Google analytics


Talking about the future of Google Analytics, it has a bright future ahead. People who are planning to venture into this field should read more articles and information pertaining to Google Analytics. Eventually they should know how best they can work using Google Analytics tool. Proper knowledge and tool usage will lead to success.

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