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What is Google Adwords ?

Google Adwords is an online advertising service developed by Google. It is a platform where, we can publish our ads. In Google Adwords, advertisers pay to get their content displayed, within Google Ad networks to web users. It is a type of online advertising. Google launched AdWords in the year 2000. Google AdWords’ system is based partly on cookies and partly on keywords, which is determined by advertisers.


In AdWords, we need to set a daily budget and add keywords based on the ad we wish to show to our audience or customers.


Eligibility criteria for Google AdWords


  1. We need to have a Google account
  2. We should be above 18 years of age


Once we choose the currency, while creating a Google account, we cannot change it. Currency once chosen, is final.


If we want to change the currency, we need to delete the existing account and create a new one.


If we want to make any changes to the customer’s account, we need to have an email authorization from the same customer. This will be a proof for our records, that the customer authorised us to make changes to his Adwords account.


Networks in Google AdWords


  1. Search network
  2. Display network


The only way of targeting Search network is through keywords.


Targeting method of Display network is through Content and Audience.


Display network:  When someone’s display keyword matches the content of the website and the person wins the auction, then the advertisement is published.


The difference between Google Adsense and Google AdWords is that, in AdWords, Google gets money, whereas in Adsense, Google gives money to the user.


Important points to remember


  • We can create 10,000 campaigns in an account


  • We can create 20,000 adgroups per campaign


  • Upto 50 text ads per ad group


  • One AdWords account can have only one mode of payment


  • Only one domain per Ad group is allowed


Levels of AdWords account


  1. Campaign
  2. Adgroup
  3. Ads
  4. Keywords


Placements: Group of 2 million + websites, which is a part of display network.


Keywords: They are the words for which I want to show my advertisement. It basically helps you in searching for the required information easily. Your advertisements will be shown, based on the keywords chosen by you. It is very important for search campaign.


Google adwords consist of certain keyword match types, which are as follows:


Keyword Match types


  1. Broad Match
  2. Exact Match
  3. Broad Match Modifier
  4. Phrase Match
  5. Negative match


Broad Match


Broad match keyword will help you reach a wide audience. There is no need to add any additional symbols when we are using broad match keyword. When we are running a business, use Broad match modifier.


Example: If we want to search for advertisements related to shoes, we can enter keywords like sports shoes, party shoes, funky shoes and so on.


Exact Match


In exact match, we have to enter the exact keyword for which, we wish to see the advertisement (Ad). Only search terms that exactly match the keywords, will trigger your ad.


Example: If you want to search for HP laptops, type HP laptops as the keyword. Type the exact keyword in order to see the exact ad.


Broad Match Modifier


In a broad match modifier keyword, we have to add “plus symbol” in front of all the words, in our keyword search. In a broad match modifier, the order of the words does not matter.


Example: If you want to search for bike store, you have to enter +bike + store.


Phrase Match


In Phrase match, we have to put the keyword in quotes. If you have set your keyword match type to phrase Match, then, your ads will be shown to the users, only when, their search includes the exact phrase of your keyword. It won’t accept anything in between.


Example: When you add “Buy Cricket bat” as your phrase match, your ads will be shown only when, someone’s search includes “Buy Cricket bat”.


Negative match


If you don’t want Adwords to show your ads to users for a search, pertaining to a particular keyword, add a minus sign next to it. This will prevent the users from seeing ads, if that search term is included in their keyword search.


Example: If you put “Red” as a negative keyword, to your campaign, you tell AdWords not to show your ad for any search containing the term “Red”.


Advantages of using Google Adwords


  1. Advertiser will pay only when someone clicks on his ad


  1. We can choose our own keywords, set prices, and structure your account


  1. We can advertise our ads on Google and Google maps


  1. It helps in saving time since it automatically manages our campaigns


  1. Results are measurable


Disadvantages of using Google Adwords


  1. High competition in the digital market (Google Adwords industry)


  1. Ads will not run without a budget. A budget needs to be set for each ad


  1. There is a restriction in terms of the number of the characters added


I would like to conclude by saying that, Google Adwords has a lot of scope in the digital Marketing domain. My advice to young and prospective youngsters who are willing to pursue their career in Google Adwords domain, would be, to carefully weigh the pros and cons of Google Adwords before you venture into this field. The best way to succeed, would be to gain as much information as possible about Google Adwords and read relevant articles pertaining to it.








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