What is Content Writing


Content writing is the art of the written word. It is a job where ideas are made coherent. Content writing as a profession has been around since centuries, although known by different names. It is now majorly used to define writers who write for the web.

Content on web is read by billions. Far greater than the reach of any physical book is the power of the web, through which a reader can visit a website any number of times during a day to follow, take delight in and understand what they are looking in the web for. Content writing can be the stuff written on the website you visited, the blogs you read, podcasts, script-writing, brochures, TV commercials, advertisements, invitations and many more.

The possibilities for a skilled writer are endless. A thirst for information, good research skills, adequate presentation skills are what it takes for a writer to build some fantastic, relatable content which will enrich their readers and satisfy them.

A good content writer would be able to decide the layout of information flow. It is the task of a writer to absorb their reader into the matrix of their ideas and build affinity for their style of writing. This will ensure that adequate flow of traffic is maintained and built, which will in-turn result in a successful website.

For most content writing jobs, a Bachelor’s degree is essential. Needless to say, good grammar, vocabulary and sentence-forming abilities are crucial. It is important to have a portfolio with samples of your work. This sample will help a prospective employer to judge the quality of your work. However, perhaps most important of all, you will need to be original and creative. Rest assured that the work you’re scripting down has already been written on the web by thousands of other writers. What sets you apart? Your unique perspective does. It is this essence of you that nobody else can possibly imitate which will set a standard for your work, making it plagiarism free.

Today, content writing is a dream job for most of us who believe we have the skill for it. It is indeed a friendly job- most content writers are work from home professionals who set their own hours and write as much (or as less) as they please. However, the only way to make good money out of this profession is to be as good a writer as you could possibly be.

It also involves being flexible. Writing for a newspaper? A report is a description of events, kept as matter-of-fact as possible. Writing a blog?  Learn to incorporate your personal voice and personality to attract readers. Every aspect of writing requires a different approach. A good writer recognizes this and is truly versatile in their job.

A little basic knowledge of HTML, CSS goes a long way for content writers. Most of us aren’t taught these languages in our Bachelor’s, however, learning this can come in useful so that the content you’re writing translates exactly as you envisioned while writing on your Word document.

Content writing is a job that will be around as long as the web is full of people willing to let other people write for their businesses. So grab your pen (or open a fresh Word document) and start penning away for some extra rupee!

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