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What is Captcha ?


Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) is an online test to determine if the user of a website is a human or a robotic software program. Most of us are quite familiar with CAPTCHA codes which might appear while visiting a webpage, registering for an account or comment on a post. They appear in the form of tangled letters and numbers which are easy, but slightly annoying for humans to decipher but quite impossible for robotic software to figure out.

CAPTCHA codes are extremely important for anyone setting up a website or blogs as they are one of the major barriers against spam. Even blogs that barely attract any visitors or drive traffic can find their door knocked on by vicious spam accounts which will post spam comments and in worse cases, even infiltrate the e-mail base. They can affect online polls by submitting millions of fake votes. Spam can hack into someone’s account by repeatedly attempting different passwords.

CAPTCHA codes are thus an important protection against the internet which is riddled with bogus software. Robotic software if left unchecked can spread spam into all avenues of the website thus damaging it and making it necessary to recreate it.

CAPTCHA codes are now even more sophisticated than they once were, as so is robotic software. A Google CAPTCHA code for instance, uses a series of images and makes us pick the odd one out. These might be time consuming for humans but will ensure a safer, fuss-free and secure web experience for them.

Some websites go a step further and analyze your behaviour during your browsing session to determine whether or not you are a robot. If your interaction with the website does not seem human, they will terminate your connection.

CAPTCHA codes successfully ward off most unwanted, unsophisticated robotic software spam and for this reason, a must have protection on every website.

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