What is a WordPress Plugin


“There’s a plugin for that” is a familiar phrase for WordPress users. Plugins are to WordPess what applications are for mobiles. They are essential, exciting and improve the WordPress experience tremendously.

WordPress initially started off as a writing platform, more than a decade previously. It now has massive amount of content, and the coding on this website has been so created that any user can design their web page. Plugins add versatility and functionality to your WordPress website.

WordPress plugins let you do anything on your website ranging from selling clothes, starting a coupon website or displaying photography on your website. There are more than 50,000 plugins available at the website right now for you to choose from. If these don’t suit you, go a step further and buy premium plug ins. Since free plugins are not always reliable as the coder behind it might decide to stop supporting that plugin, it’s probably a good idea to make sure some of your most important plugins are premium ones.


You can find WordPress plugins at the plugin dictionary in You can also find them on your WordPress plugin area. Simply click on the plugin option>>>add new page>>>type the name of the plugin or the functionality you want in the search bar. Read the reviews of the various plugins offered by WordPress, choose one that best suits your needs and install it. Job done!

Some essential recommendations are plugins that help ward off hackers, decrease your page load, increase your bandwidth, help you in SEO, Google Analytics, remove spam and speed up your site, and many more. As you build your WordPress website, you will need to find more and more plugins to ensure your website comes out on top.

Plugins are user-friendly and make the WordPress experience that much more enjoyable. The next time you want to build a quick website or create a distinct experience for your visitor but do not have the skills required to build it from the scratch, WordPress with its plugins will seem like a God-send.

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