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Blogging is the art of voicing your opinions, the report of an event, or a situation on a written platform. It could be your musings, your personal experiences, your political opinion, a live rendition of a cricket match and so much more. The art of writing has no boundaries and neither does blogging. In the age of the internet, writing has found a new voice- blogging.

Write, write and keep writing. Someday, your voice will reach out to millions of audiences, and your passion will become a source of income. For now, let’s start by choosing the best canvas for your words:

  • org: WordPress is an open source software platform that lets you design your own website and blog page once you sign up with a WordPress hosting provider. With thousands of plugins, customizable themes and search engine friendly websites, is definitely one of the best right now. A slightly steeper learning curve is involved, but it is a highly enjoyable experience once you get the hang of it.
  • com: It is basically without having to purchase a blog hosting service making it easy to use and manage. On the flipside, it does not offer many options to expand your website and you cannot advertise on your blog. This can be a deterrent for making some easy income.
  • Blogger: One of the easiest and quickest ways to blog, Blogger is a Google blogging platform and thus, it comes with high security. If you’re looking for a place to voice personal blogs, and are not interested in a wide choice of templates or constant updates, Blogger is your platform.
  • Wix: Wix is a blogging platform that is very ideal for those of you who want a great looking website along with a blog. Artists, musicians, photographers who want to showcase their talent while blogging alongside will enjoy using this platform.
  • Medium: Medium is a simple, great platform for bloggers who blog as a hobby. Medium does not let you personalize your blogs, however, it does let you voice your opinions and stories on a platform where everybody can use only their words to gather readership.
  • Tumblr: Are you a micro blogger? Do you speak best through images, videos, gifs and two short sentences? Tumblr is an ideal platform for micro bloggers who believe less is more. It is also a social media platform making it easy to instantly share content and make it viral.
  • Typepad: Typepad is a professional blogging platform with endless customizable options. You can publish an article from your email web browser or mobile. It offers a 14-day free trial period.
  • Squarespace: With some of the most beautifully designed templates, Squarespace is an amazing platform to create websites. With easy drag and drop features, it is ideal for beginners who aren’t tech savvy.
  • Ghost: Meant purely for blogging and writing, ghost is a blogging platform that is available as both a hosting platform and software that can be hosted and built by you. It is a clean, clutter-free blogging platform.
  • Jekyl: This is a Ruby- based blog generator which is extremely advanced features like community maintained themes, plug-ins and supports blog migration. On the flipside, it is quite complex as it needs knowledge of Ruby language.

The best way to start blogging is to have a clear plan on what your topics of conversation will be. The next would be to find the best platform that fits into your skill set and is convenient to operate. Once you start this and gain a loyal readership, you’ll be able to monetize and make some extra rupee!

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