Social Media Marketing

Given the advancement in technology in today’s world, people these days, usually prefer to create awareness using social networking platforms. Social networking platforms help in creating public awareness about the required products, services and ideas in the best possible way. Apart from creating awareness with the help of social networking platforms,  marketing of products and new ideas, is equally important. There are various ways of marketing products or new ideas using different types of digital marketing techniques such as SMM.


SMM is commonly known as Social media marketing. Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing, which promotes products and services using social networking platforms or sites. Basically, social media marketing uses social networking sites as a marketing tool to increase customer reach and products brand value.


Different social media platforms


  • Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


  • Microblogging (It can be done on Twitter and Tumblr)


  • Photo sharing


  • Video sharing (It can be done on YouTube and Facebook)


Most of the social media platforms these days have built in data analytics tools, which allows companies to track progress, success and engagement of ad campaigns.


Apart from what I have already spoken about, strategy adopted for social media marketing, also plays an equally important role.


Strategy for Social Media Marketing


  • Creating Social media Marketing goals that help in solving bigger problems


  • Doing a research on the number of users who are using different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


  • By establishing the most important metrics


  • Doing a research on our social competitive landscape


  • Building social media content and engaging people towards it


  • Interacting and engaging with audience online and helping them accordingly


  • We need to analyse our efforts regularly and try to improve our strategy as much as possible


In order to create an effective social media plan,the following steps need to be followed


  1. We need to know which networks are we currently active on and which networks are bringing us maximum traffic


  1. We must make a note of who our ideal customer is


  1. We must create a powerful social media mission statement


  1. Identifying key success metrics


  1. Creating a good content and engaging audience


  1. Investing in any social media tool such as Facebook


  1. After we have implemented the steps mentioned above, we need to track our results, analyse our data and optimize our performance


Advantages of Social media marketing


  1. Increased Brand awareness
  2. Higher conversion rates
  3. Improved brand loyalty
  4. It is cost effective
  5. Customer satisfaction


Disadvantages of Social media marketing


  1. Since social media marketing is an online activity, it is time consuming


  1. Fear of website being hacked


  1. If people give negative comments in the comment threads, it will affect the overall performance


  1. Since it’s an online activity, internet access is mandatory.


Social media marketing in general, has a great future ahead. We need to implement good and effective strategies in order to be more competitive and achieve success. Having said this, we need to be careful of ethical hackers and choose social networking platforms which are performing well for us.

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