What is a Blog ?

When Internet first came into existence, people used to login online to search for information pertaining to their field of study and also search for relevant articles pertaining to it. Today, internet has become more than just a tool and is used exclusively by one and all. Internet has become much more interactive and people friendly now, with people visiting online websites and purchasing products of their choice, depending upon their requirements.

With the introduction of tools such as WhatsApp and Hangouts, where 2 way conversation is possible, people expect two way conversations online as well. That’s when Blogs were introduced.

About Blogs

Blog was created in 1994 by a college student named Justin Hall, who referred to it as his homepage. Blog is a website which consists of entries, commonly known as posts. These entries appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent entry, appearing first. Blogs include features such as comments and links to increase user interaction.

Certain terms related to Blog

Blogger: A person who writes content for a blog is known as a Blogger.

Blogosphere: The online community of Blogs and Bloggers is known as Blogosphere.

With the extensive use of Internet, in today’s times, blogs have gained more popularity among people.

Purpose of writing blogs

You must be thinking, why do people write blogs and what is its main purpose. Blogs are written to achieve various purposes such as, promoting a product or service, creating awareness about social issues and information sharing.

Benefits of blog

1. It will increase search engine optimisation

2. Blogs help in developing relationships with existing and potential customers

Types of Blogs in terms of education

1. LibBlog (Library blog)
2. EduBlog (Education blog)

Advantages and limitations of Blog


1. It engages people in knowledge sharing
2. It is free of cost and inexpensive
3. It provides a collaborative learning environment


1. It is time consuming and has quality concerns

2. With easy access to the virtual world, students can easily get diverted from their main course of study

Apart from what I have just mentioned about Blogs, there is something known as Blogging platforms.

Blogging platform is a software which is used to publish content online, in the form of a blog.

Different blogging platforms

1. Blogger:
2. Tumblr:
3. Medium:
4. Quora:
5. WordPress:

Blogs can also be used to make money. All you need to do is “Place your ad on the website or site which you are trying to advertise”. Each time, the viewer clicks on your ad, you will be paid. Basically this concept is known as PPC concept (Pay per click). You will be paid each time a viewer clicks on your ad.

I would like to conclude by saying that, anything if used in a proper way, will yield fruitful results. Prospective bloggers who are looking at blogs as a source of income, should know how and where to position their ads, so that, they can make good money and eventually be benefited.

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