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Given the advancement in technology, in today’s times, coupled with people’s interest in making more money, people are exploring different options to earn money, be it by working part time online, for various online related jobs or otherwise. Few people also earn money by uploading product related ads on relevant websites, on which people click and the concerned person get paid, each time, the ad is clicked. This is known as Paid to click.


Paid to click concept is a concept wherein, the person uploading the advertisement is paid, each time, the viewer clicks on the advertisement. More the number of clicks, more the amount earned by the advertiser, who uploads the ad. People who want to make quick money, can go for paid to click type of online advertisement, as there is no investment involved in it. If the right strategy is implemented, this is a very good source of earning secondary income.


Before we talk about the different paid to click sites, let us first know, what we mean by Paid to click site. A paid to click (PTC) site, is an online advertising business company, that pays its members to visit an advertiser’s website. It (PTC sites) allows advertisers to reach their target customers.


Prerequisites to work online on Paid to Click sites


  1. Internet connection
  2. Gmail account
  3. Bank account, where the salary earned by working on paid online websites, will be credited

Different types of Paid to Click sites


  1. Clixsense
  2. NeoBux
  3. PrizeRebel
  4. Paidverts
  5. InboxDollar


Advantages of paid to click


  1. Reach
  2. Maximized returns
  3. No investment
  4. If we are trying to earn money through NeoBux website, we will be paid instantly through PayPal. This is the only website which uses PayPal







Disadvantages of paid to click


  1. When we talk about online websites in general, there is always a risk of it being fake. Websites are designed with a lot of creativity and are very luring, but the fact is that, they are unreal. Promises in terms of payment are made, but never fulfilled. Paid to click websites, at times are also fake


  1. We need an Internet connection to work online, and make money. If there is no or limited internet connection, we cannot work online


  1. Chances of websites being hacked by spammers



All online websites in general, be it shopping websites or paid online websites, such as Paid to Click, which help us gain secondary income, are having a risk of getting hacked. I know money is important in today’s world and people of today, are leaving no stone unturned in earning money. They work online as well to earn money, and we can earn lot of money by working online as well. My only advice to youngsters in general, who are interested in making money online, would be, to check the authenticity of the website, before you start working on it. If you don’t know how to check it, please Google it, but don’t be a victim of fake websites. Once all this is taken care of, sky is the limit.





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