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How to start a Blog

Given the advancement in technology, coupled with opportunities available in different fields, people want to earn at a fast pace. People nowadays, are leaving no stone unturned, in exploring different opportunities or ways, to earn money as quickly as possible. There are many people who refer to different blogs online, in order to know, how best, blogs can be written. However, there are few people, who face initial hiccups or starting problems, in writing an effective and informative blog online.


Before I talk, about how and why to start a blog, let us understand, what we mean by a blog.


About Blogs


Blog was created in 1994, by a college student named Justin Hall, who referred to it as his homepage. Blog is a website which consists of entries, commonly known as posts. These entries appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent entry, appearing first. Blogs include features such as comments and links, which helps to increase user interaction.


Certain terms related to Blog


Blogger: A person who writes content for a blog is known as a Blogger.


Blogosphere: The online community of Blogs and Bloggers is known as Blogosphere.


How to start a Blog


The following steps need to be followed in order to start a blog:


  • Initially, we need to decide, what we need to blog about
  • After we decide the blog topic, we need to choose a blogging platform
  • Finding a host
  • Finding a domain name
  • Start using the blogging platform
  • After the above steps have been followed, we then need to design the blog and start using it


Why should we start a blog


  • It is a good source of secondary income. We can work on blogs from our home, depending upon our convenience


  • It will improve our writing and thinking skills


  • Once we have gained enough expertise in writing a blog, we can choose it as a profession, by working on it full-time


  • If we want to discuss about something, help people, or even build an online community, blog is the best place
  • Better keyword focus


  • Starting a blog, will help in creating awareness among people, on different topics


  • We will get an immediate feedback on our blogs, which will help us in improving further


  • It will help in increasing our social network. In other words, starting a blog helps in better social networking


Disadvantages of starting a blog


  • Time consuming


  • If there is limited or no Internet access, we cannot start a blog


  • We cannot solely rely on it, as a source of livelihood, because we cannot earn much in this domain


Talking about the future, I feel that, blog in general, will have a bright future ahead. Given the reach of customers online, thanks to social networking platforms, audience targeting should not be a problem for people, who are planning to start a blog of their own. According to me, key to success in this field, will be good and informative content on the blog, along with a good user experience. Happy Blogging.




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