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How to make money with Amazon


Amazon is one of the top retail websites in the world by anyone’s standards. It is also where most of us spend our money (wisely or not). When you think of the diversity of their products and the pricing, various holiday discounts and easy of delivery, it is hardly a surprise that it is the go-to website for most of us. What if I told you that it isn’t just the place where you spend your savings? That you could, perhaps, earn some extra rupee? Read on.

Amazon, for the uninitiated amongst us, offers a wide range of services that could give you a good income back-up. On the Amazon website, if you click here, you’ll find a lot of details on how to earn money from Amazon. Here, I will break these down for you:


Between manufacturing items and shipping them across, there is a certain time period where the goods that have been manufactured or brought by Amazon for their customers need to be stored. By enrolling into Fulfilment by Amazon, you’ll be doing hands-on work of transferring boxes, operating dollies etc. You would be their Fulfilment/ warehouse associate.

Alternatively, a seller on Amazon can avail a lot of benefits by joining the Fulfilment by Amazon program, through which the seller can avail a host of benefits such as quick deliveries, no delivery fee, and cash on delivery options. This option benefits sellers by taking away the hassles of packaging and storage from their hands, because of which they can focus purely on the manufacturing end of business. It is also beneficial in terms of sales- with statistics reporting more than 80% customers happy with these options and actually checking out the products in their cart.


Amazon Advantage is for owners of original creative content who want to sell their product online. Artists, writers, music labels, publishers can make use of Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer to find an audience for their output. All one needs to do is submit an advantage application online along with a sample of their work, and wait for their approval which will arrive within 24 hours. Once published, you will receive payment for a unit sold 30 days after its purchase.


Data, data, data! Ever saw products that you were eying a few days back crop up on another web page? Ads showing a shelf of products that you’ve recently searched arranged attractively, beckoning you to come by? The power of display advertising is familiar to all of us. Amazon, with its massive reach extending well beyond millions of people makes great use of display advertising creating a pleasurable shopping experience for the customer and great profits to the seller. The right message is displayed to the right shopper at the right time.

Here’s an example: Proctor and Gamble wanted to test the power of display advertising on offline sales and key brand metrics in addition to sales at, and saw an increase in offline sales by 1.6 million dollars!


Have a website? Want some traffic? Want to make money off your website? Amazon Associates could be a great choice for you. You can make several hundreds to thousands of rupees through this program. Pick a niche product out of Amazon’s 37 listed categories. Any reader browsing on the internet will have a better chance of landing on your webpage if you speak about one specific product, with the keywords associated with that product. He will also go to Amazon website on reading your article if you provide several links to visit it in your article. Or make all images used in your article clickable affiliate links so that the reader can jump to the Amazon website directly. Build a list of email addresses so that you can send your articles containing product reviews/ comparison reviews directly to your reader’s mailer list.

Amazon offers up to 15% through referral fees on sale of books, music, tech products, jewellery and more.


You can sell your Android apps on Amazon and reach an audience of millions on Kindle, Kindle Fire. Or you can sell your HTML 5 apps on Amazon web store which is available on 200 countries world -wide.


Work from home customer service jobs such as live chats, taking phone calls and solving issues and easing concerns are constantly available on Amazon. Keep an eye out for these if you’re interested in making some extra rupee.


Self publishing a book on Amazon Kindle, Amazon CreateSpace, Amazon Audiobook Creation Exchange is absolutely free. One can earn up to 70-80% in royalties.


Amazon allows you to sell your old gizmos and returns money in the form of gift cards within 5-10 days.

These are some easy and quick ways to make money off Amazon. There are a lot of opportunities to choose from. Get going, and make that extra rupee!



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