How to earn money online

In today’s world, the demands of people as well as the price of each commodity, due to competition in each sector, is increasing. Given the current scenario and the money involved in it, prices for almost everything is increasing. Everyone wants to earn as much money as possible, in order to be successful. According to me, people can earn money in different ways, be it by working full time in a reputed organisation or by working on freelancing projects as a freelancer and so on. Apart from all this, there are few more ways of earning money, which people of today practice.


Everyone wants to earn money quickly, without putting much efforts and earning money by working online, is one of the easiest ways of doing it.


Prerequisites to have, in order to start earning online


  • We must have an Internet connection
  • Gmail account
  • Bank account


There are various ways to earn money online, some of which, are as follows:


Different ways to earn Money online


  • Starting a blog or a website of your own
  • Working on data entry projects as a data operator
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online surveys
  • Online freelancing
  • Form filling jobs
  • Becoming a consultant


Starting a blog or a website of your own


The best way for bloggers to earn money through blogging, is by posting their ads on websites and activating PPC (Pay per click) mode. By doing this, the Blogger will be paid each time, a viewer clicks on the ad.


Working on data entry projects as a data operator


In data entry projects, we will be given a 100 pages document. What we need to do is, open a new Microsoft word document and type the information mentioned in those 100 pages, in the same manner, without editing or modifying anything in it.







Affiliate marketing


It basically means discussing and eventually creating an interest about a particular online product, in a person or group of people, who then go online and purchase that product, based on our recommendation. After the product is purchased, we will receive a commission. It is a performance based business.


Advantages of earning money online


  1. It is a good source of secondary income
  2. Since work is done online, we can work from anywhere and at anytime. All we need is an Internet connection
  3. It does not require any investment


Disadvantages of working online


  1. We need to spend lot of time, if we want to earn enough money online
  2. Risk of websites being hacked by spammers. At times, the online website may look very genuine, but is actually fake



I would like to conclude by saying that, be careful while working online. Work sensibly and beware of spam or fishy websites. Read about it, if required, so that, you are not a victim of these. All said and done, earning money online is a good way to earn side income, but do not completely rely on it, as a source of livelihood, because money earned through online sources is anytime less than, what we otherwise can earn.






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