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How to create a Facebook Page


Facebook is one of the most popular social media applications in the world. It has an estimated 2 billion visitors who login every month- this number is phenomenal. Having a popular Facebook page increases your reach to more human population across the world than perhaps any other media.

Creating a Facebook page is a good idea for businessmen, artists, brands and for anyone who wants to make use of their ideas or voice to sell/ popularize something.

Here’s how you can create a Facebook page:


Sign up for your Facebook page on  and open an account on this.

It’ll give you two options:

  1. Business or brand
  2. Community or public figure

Facebook will make you chose the precise category your business falls under, so try to pick the one that your page is being set up for. Such as, if you’re opening up a business of brand or product or for a local business like a new cafe could be a general classification. Based on the reason you’re creating your Facebook page, choose your pick.

Apart from this, facebook might ask for other sub categories as well as the name of your business, your address details, contact number. Once you finish filling up the preliminaries, click on Get started.


You will be asked to upload a profile picture and a cover photo. Your profile picture should showcase your business- if you’re selling beauty products, pick one showing the same. If you’ve a brand logo, it will make for an apt profile picture. Since profile pictures are the first thing that draws the visitor’s eyes after the brand name, make sure it is relevant, catchy and memorable.

Next, pick a cover picture for your profile. Since cover pictures typically look different on mobiles, laptops and tabs, make sure yours is compatible on every platform.

Facebook offers a walk-through of its features for every new account holder. Explore your new page to get the most of it.


Click to add a short description is an option that you need to make use of if you want your visitors to have a clear, concise understanding of your page on visiting it. This is a synopsis of your business.

Create a unique username for your page. Your user name will help give an identity to your business. For instance, instead of just being Fashionable clothes, you can create your own user name that shows you sell fashionable clothes without explicitly stating it. Having a username will have the added advantage of helping people find your business on facebook.


Provide more information to your customer about your business on your facebook page as it is often the most viewed of all your social media accounts. On the left side of your facebook page, click on About. Add details of your business on this section. Mention your work hours, contact number, call centre numbers, the number of hours it might take for you to revert to queries- anything that a potential customer needs to know about you. You can also specify your location so that customers can view your street address.


Start posting. Facebook offers a wide range of options for you in its events/ products bar such as create an event, get people to review your product, add a milestone, write a note or create a poll for people to vote etc. Offer quality content relevant to your work so that people keep visiting your page for more.


Start gathering followers and likes for your page. You can do this by inviting friends and family. You can also share your page on other social media you have an account in. Facebook has an additional follow us badge which you can adjoin on email or promotional material to help gather additional followers.

Creating and managing a Facebook page can be an easy experience which does not need a steep learning curve. If you’ve a passion that you want to make a living out of, Facebook can help you gather a clientele and make some extra rupee.







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