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  • How to Build Application for Mobile
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Fifty years ago, bed time stories of rags to riches were about virtuous men who win the favour of benefactors through valiant deeds. Today, rags to riches stories run along the lines of a twenty or thirty-something tech wiz who sold his extremely quirky, useful and viral app to a tech giant for a multi-billion dollar cheque.

Clearly, mobile apps are here to say. Rise in mobile applications for something as basic as booking a cab or checking the weather forecast to something as elaborate as typing in a long-forgotten African language is proof of the unceasing demand of mobile apps. So, let’s get going.

Here, you will find some legitimate information on how to build applications for Android.

  1. Learn a language! As basic as it sounds, there are a lot of options out there, but you’ve to pick one for a start. The most recommended languages are Python and Ruby. A lot of websites offer courses on these languages, so learning is made quick and easy
  2. If you’re planning to build an application from the scratch- both the front-end and back-end, you will need to learn a database query language. HTSQL is a query language that translates HTTP queries to SQL.

If you are interested in just the front-end development, it would be good for you to brush up your skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

  1. With the skills in place, try to visualize the app you want to build. What kind of an app do you want to build? A gaming app? A social media app like Twitter? App to manage day to day activities? Once you figure this out, realize who your target audience are
  2. Secondly, what are the requisites for your app to function? What will its most basic features be? An app that has cooking videos will first and foremost need an account for the user to upload and see, an interest board for classifying the various food cuisines, a feature to like/ comment and re-post. Additionally, it can also have video editing software on one of its later versions as an extra feature, but it isn’t crucial for the framework of the app.
  3. Thirdly, sketch your app! Nothing is as important as having a vision of what your app would look like to a visitor. It’ll be a handy diagram for you to refer to over the days as your work progresses.
  4. Next, think of how the user will navigate through your app. So you’re building an e-commerce app? Have a handy search bar, or scroll options that cover all the categories of items you sell on the site. Do you want to highlight special deals? Make sure it’s the first thing the user’s eyes lands on when they open the app by playing with different effects.
  5. Plan your app’s UI flow. Now what do I mean? Consider the various possibilities, and have a set path for each. For instance, your user of the e-commerce shopping app you created need their own account, password, address details and card details. Let’s say she is shopping and wants a size M, not S but now she has an item of the size S in her cart. Your code needs room to accommodate any changes in size and color preferences, and calculate discounts and applicable tax rates. What if she doesn’t like the end price of the item after all the taxes? She’ll remove the item and continue to shop, and your code will need to bend according to the user’s mind.
  6. Design your database. Keep a record of all the details the user fed you.
  7. Plan the front-end. Use apps like Gliffy, Inviscon app plan your UX/UI flow. Similarly, you can also develop the UI of your app. You can use elements from UI kits such as UI Cloud, UI Dock
  8. Test, test, test! Keep running tests- as many as you can, for every possible scenario you can think of. Fix all the bugs as and when you come across them. Some great testing tools are PyTest for python, Rspec for Ruby and so on.
  9. Be patient!!!! Realize that building an app from the scratch is not an easy game, but it has multi-fold benefits that will ultimately make your sweat and aching fingers worth it!!!

Begin with an easy application. Fewer features make for lesser hassles and can build your confidence. Remember, the more you practice, the higher the chances of creating an app that truly delivers to the needs of the times. That, my friend, will give you a lot of extra rupee!

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