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As previously discussed in one of my articles, given the competition and the advancement in technology, people of today, have become very competitive and want to earn money as quickly as possible. Unlike olden times, when technology was not so advanced and there was no Internet, no one could ever imagine that, in the times to come (in future), technology would get advanced and people would actually start working online to earn money. People of today, also earn money online, by engaging themselves in various online activities, which  help them, in making good money. One such online job, for which, even organisations are hiring people, to help them complete the work and meet deadlines on time, is Data entry.


Data entry is the process of entering the required information on the system or laptop, using keyboard and mouse. This job can be done from both office as well as home. If we are having a full time job in hand and want to earn additional income, then, we can go for data entry jobs online, from home, during our free time. The main role of data entry operator is to type the required information on the system, at a good speed, and at the same time, ensure that, there are no spelling mistakes while typing. Proof reading before submitting is mandatory.


Example of data entry job for people who are working from home


Few companies send us an email which contains a document of 100 pages. What we need to do is, open a new Microsoft word document and type the information mentioned in those 100 pages, in the same manner, without editing or modifying anything in it. This is a monthly project and we need to get a quality score of 75 and above, following which, we will be paid anywhere between Rs 15k to Rs 20k.


Let’s now talk about the skills required for data entry jobs


Skills required for data entry jobs


  • Good written and communication skills
  • Good typing speed
  • Patience and concentration


Types of data entry jobs


  1. Data entry keyer
  2. Word processor or typist
  3. Transcriptionist
  4. Data entry clerk


Advantages of data entry


  1. It further improves our typing speed
  2. We can work from anywhere and at anytime, as per our convenience
  3. Good source of secondary income
  4. Stress involved is less
  5. There are data entry jobs on daily basis as well, where we can earn money on daily basis


Disadvantages of data entry


  1. It requires lot of patience
  2. If there is limited or no internet access, we cannot do this job
  3. Risk of fake companies enrolling us for these jobs


In a nutshell, data entry work in general, has a bright future. We can earn more money in the future, but ensure that, you have a full time job in hand, before you decide to work in data entry domain, as we cannot rely on this income, as a source of livelihood. Beware of fraudsters and website spammers. Once all this is in place, nothing much to worry, while working on data entry.


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