5DG (5 Dollar Gem) is an innovative, cost-effective online fundraising website for personal fundraisers, non-profit fundraising and event fundraising. Raise money online for personal causes and fundraise online for charity.

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5DollarGem Crowdfunding was created to help you achieve your dreams in life. Everyone has dreams. You may not believe yours are achievable, but you surely do have them. 5DollarGem can help you succeed beyond your wildest imagination.

Create a project which will allow you to render useful service to your fellow human beings and structure it so that you render that service first, before you receive any personal gain.

Select a project with a cause to help others and in which you can truly believe. It must raise funds beyond just your personal benefit. The absolute key to success here is to not only learn how to, but to actually Pay it forward first. Get serious about this-do some creative thinking. This can be huge for you, if you will just go about it with the proper attitude and mindset.

The intention of the legislation for crowdfunding was to open up a channel for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects that would create jobs and generate cash into the local communities. If you have a true passion for a project that will really help your community, then you will be one of those most likely to succeed.

Just because your project has some incredible virtue does not mean you have to give all the money to your project. It is expected that your chosen project will have administrative costs. All of the biggest and best charities have administrative costs too.

Now once you have a true philanthropic project as just described, imagine when you begin to ask for Contributions-your prospective donor is first a prospective Project Manager. So rather than ask for a contribution at the beginning of the conversation, discover the dream of your prospect and do everything you can to awaken that dream and show them too how with your help they can realize the fulfillment of their own dream project.

Because your project is valuable and worthwhile, you will have high energy and will be motivated to talk with your dearest and best friends and relatives and you won’t feel as though you are begging for money. You will feel great every day as you raise funds and progress toward your project’s goals.

When they ask what your project is, they can get excited, and they will gladly pledge to your project.

If you have any hesitation or are reluctant to talk with your best friends, family and acquaintances about 5DollarGem CrowdFunding, maybe you should seriously re-evaluate your project and make sure it is one that you believe is worth getting paid to do

We invite you to join today, our worldwide community of crowdfunding projects and together, we will make the world a much better place.